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TX VTR-346 Form: What You Should Know

If your vehicle is stolen or in bad condition, the last owner who registered the vehicle is listed on the notification, or a notarized statement of the last owner is not submitted, you are not exempt from providing an identification card and information regarding the current owner, and Texas law may  require you to pay up to 35 in fees. You must complete the transfer of title request with the last owner's last known address and state that the person to whom the vehicle is going belongs to someone who is deceased. Include your name and address. You may not give the name of a fictitious party. It must be your last known address. If the new owner is a trust, a court order for protection is required. Include a statement identifying the vehicle and its value and your payment if applicable. This form must be signed, sworn to, and submitted to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 30 days of the vehicle's sale, transfer, or death. Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification (VTR-346). (Rev. 11/09). Page 2 .  When completing Form VTR-346, your last known address or a statement of the last owner's address must be used. You are not exempt from providing identification that displays your name, your date of birth, or a signature or signature block. Include your name, the vehicle's model, and the last known address of the last owner when completing Form VTR-346(A) to ensure that your name is included in the records of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV). Note that no identification can be submitted without a signed and notarized statement from the last owner who originally titled the vehicle. The last owner must include the address of the vehicle on the statement of lien in the case of a lien holder's loss, sale upon default, or foreclosure on title. If you did not sign a statement of lien in the case of default, you must provide a written statement stating that you have consented to the use of your signature or signature block on your statement.

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Instructions and Help about TX Form VTR-346

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